House Tradition

Houses are a tradition carried over from its founding schools, Rupert’s Land and Riverbend. Upon their amalgamation in 1950, Balmoral Hall School opened its doors and assigned every student to one of four Houses. It was not until early 1951 that voting by students determined their names and colours: Braemar (the parish near Balmoral Castle) – blue; Craig Gowan (a nearby hill) – yellow; Glen Gairn (a glen near the castle) – red; and Ballater (the railway station west of the castle) – green. Students are sorted into Houses randomly; however, every member of a family shares the same House.

Interhouse competitions are held throughout the school year, and the House trophy is awarded to the House with the most points at Closing Exercises in June. Check out our selection of blue, yellow, red and green accessories and cheer on your House!