History of Our Uniform

The original 1901 uniform at Havergal College, our founding school, was a light coloured blouse and long, dark skirt similar to what all girls wore to school in those days. The tunic found its way into the uniform in the 1920s. In the 1930s, new outfits were created for Rupert’s Land (formerly known as Havergal College), a “Rupe green” tunic, fawn blouse, blazer, black and yellow tie, brown shoes and stockings and a green beret. This remained the uniform until its amalgamation with Riverbend School in 1950. 

In 1929, for the newly created Riverbend, the original uniform was “two blues” (a blue tunic and blue blouse) with a crest showing the river between the schools initials. In 1937, a new uniform was adopted – the oxford grey tunic, scarlet tie and blazer with an altered crest.

When Rupert’s Land and Riverbend merged in 1950, a combination of the two uniforms emerged resulting in a grey tunic, pearl grey blouse, grey stockings, black oxfords, and a green blazer with the new Balmoral Hall School crest. The students chose green school ties. In 1963, the grey and green was replaced by green and white in the form of a kilt and white shirt. Ancient Hunting McLean was the chosen tartan and even plaid slacks made a brief appearance in the mid-1970s. Since then, the base uniform has remained relatively unchanged.